Life’s Lessons Learned

Wouldn’t you say we all learn lessons throughout our lives? If you could help others to learn from your mistakes as well as your successes, would you like to do that? Some people might, and others might not.

A business mentor gave me a suggestion that resonated with me. He got to know about the wealth of experiences I have had spanning several decades, countries, and different cultures. He told me strongly I should write a book telling my story. This could be of benefit to others. Especially if I shared life’s lessons learned.

I can’t share stories in a book until it is published. I decided to take a different approach. Read on …..

The Genesis Of This Site

About 10 years ago I purchased a domain with my name. It sat dormant because I wasn’t quite sure how to fill it. Until now. After thinking about what my friend told me.

Why not use it to tell stories about my experiences that could benefit those who visit my website? I can devote each blog post to one, helpful and entertaining topic. Sounds like a plan. Right?

This website will be a collection of personal short stories that I hope will amuse and provide words of wisdom to my readers. It will not be in chronological order. Each topic may be spread over several posts. As one topic ends, I may jump to another period in my life.

My objective is to write one story a week after I officially launch this site. Until then, consider this site under construction.

The Travel Perspective

I love to travel. It all began when my parents sent me and my brother to a boarding school up in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain. I’ve written several posts on this. When our family emigrated to England we made that momentous move by steamship. Air travel was relatively new and expensive. Can you imagine a time when it cost less to go places by sea?

That era was about to end. Looking back, I felt it was a privilege to have had the experience of actually traveling by ship to go from one place to another. After I took my first cruise many years later, I was hooked on cruising. The seeds for cruising were sown on that long voyage to England. Since then I have sailed on many cruises from budget to luxury cruise lines.

Why not share stories of my first sailing the high seas as a kid from India? Followed by the cruises I went on much later in life. Then I had a lightbulb moment. Why not create a category on travelling? Not only by ship, but also by rail and long distances by land? Maybe I shall also throw in some notable flights I have taken.

I love helping people achieve their dreams. Why not start of with planning and experiencing your dream cruise? Followed by enjoying vacations by train?

Trains Boats and Planes

If you decide you’d like to go on a cruise vacation the decisions you make will either result in a dream vacation or a vacation from hell. I kid you not. You will learn more in my blogs in the cruising category how to achieve the former and avoid the latter.

Not many think about using the rail to go to a vacation destination. The train ride can be a major event by itself. What about a dream vacation by train? Not only in the US but also in other countries in the world? And don’t worry. Planes will be added in this mix.

Here you wil receive tips and guidance to help you plan your vacations that will save you time. As well as to enjoy your dream vacation by ship and train at the best value possible. I will be writing these artilcles as if to a friend. I believe that the personal touch can make all the difference. Would you like that?

Full Disclosure

Unlike a book that can be sold for income, I thought of an idea to help defray the cost of maintaining this website, while at the same time, benefiting you.

I will share services provided by establishments that can help you with any travel plans you consider using affiliate links. If you pay for any of these services using these links, I will earn a small commission from these companies. The cost to you would be exactly the same if you went directly to these sources for your purchase. Fair enough?

Reviews Of Fun Stuff Menu

I would also like to share information about fun things in life I enjoy under a Review Of Fun Stuff Menu. Each review will focus on one item in the form of a blog post. If any of these items can be used on your vacation I will alert you to that.

As stated above, if you like what I share, you can click an affiliate link that will be highlighted in that post. This will take you directly to the vendor’s eCommerce website. There you can make your purchases as if you had gone to their website directly. The price you pay will be the same. And the vendor will send me a small commission.

Fair enough?

A Legacy

Paying it forward is something I seriously believe in. This personal website is one way to do that. Eventually, I may spawn one or several books from this website.

I hope you will find a few stories and lessons learned that will resonate with you. And perhaps, help you in your journey through life. As well as plan dream vacations.

Since I will be sharing stories from my childhood onwards, I feel readers of any age can benefit.

Please leave comments, questions, and lessons you have learned in the comments section at the end of each blog post. I will be happy to read your comments and respond as soon as possible,

May God grant you a healthy and productive life. Live life with great expectations.

Your friend.

Edwin Bernard

P.S. On the About page, you will find more information about me in a summary. This will give you a peek into my life.

10 thoughts on “Life’s Lessons Learned”

  1. It’s a nice review on affiliate marketing, but I honestly think you should write more about your personal experiences as your travels around the world sounds intriguing. But that’s just an idea. 

    It is good to see that you will be writing about your childhood so I will be definitely coming back for those stories, I’m very interested in different cultures all around the world!

    Thank you for this post,


    • Hello J,

      The purpose of this website is to share my stories and not affiliate marketing. True affiliate marketing requires you to select a niche. I do have such a website where my niche is making money online programs. 

      I will not be using any particular niche on this website. Instead, I will occasionally talk about things that interest me such as music, travel, education, investing, and make recommendations of products and services of companies I think highly about. There will be affiliate links just in case my readers are interested in checking those items out.

      For example, I play the piano. So I will write an article about the advantages of having an acoustic piano compared to a digital piano. I will not be recommending one over the other. Instead, that will be up to the reader. If they decided to purchase, I will have affiliate links for both kinds of instruments. 

      Of course, I hope they make a purchase so that the income can supplement my website and the time devoted to it. 

      Does this make sense to you?

      Thanks so much for commenting.


  2. Thanks for sharing this great article with us all here.. I have actually thought about doing that before and just start writing a book in blog form them when its done, pull it all together an put it out as an eBook.but i’m just wondering about copywrite issues. Should i use anything to protect my content as i write it?

    • Hi Kwidzin,

      Personally, I am not worried about copywriting issues since these will be my stories. However, since that is of concern to you, I suggest learning about how to copywriter your articles by researching this topic on Google. Then you can share that in an informative article. 

      I wish you all the best. 


  3. Hi Edwin, it has been really interesting to read your story. I have always wanted to go to India. I love the flavor of its culture. I see you have had some wonderful experiences traveling too. I love traveling. And it’s nice to see you’re now able to run websites. I would like to be as you are today running sites in order to travel the world.

    • Hi Ann,

      Travelling the world is an amazing experience. Take any opportunity you have to do that. Then you can also share your experience with others. 

      But you don’t have to wait to physically travel if you are willing to use the Internet to explore. It is not the same, but it is better than not travelling at all. 

      All the best to you.


  4. I like the way you introduce yourself. I also like your story and I was deeply moved by it. I am very interested in the way you want to present your life lessons and share them with others. Yes, you’re right: you can write a book but is can take time and it’s not available until it”s published. With your website, you can share your lessons at your rhythm. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Angel,

      I sure appreciate you responding to my article. Glad you approve of my approach. This is going to be a fun project. My timetable is a weekly story. Please come back to check them over time. I would be honored if you did that. 



  5. Hey, Edwin
    Thank you for sharing your story and life lessons with all of us.

    I believe that the idea of sharing your childhood experience with the world will be helpful to many of us.

    I like the idea of writing book as well but I think a website is the starting point.

    You can later compile some of your blog posts into ebook or book for your readers. Want do you think?

    I would like to travel in India (one day). So I am looking forward for your tips and tricks to traveling in India.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hello Sebastian,

      Thanks for checking out this website. My stories will span all stages of my life. But my focus is on India and I will stick with that for several posts. At the end of that, I will write one about traveling in India. Of course, I will let you know when I do that.




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